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At Linkers Inn, we specialize in providing comprehensive outsourcing solutions to help businesses optimize their operations and scale effectively. With a focus on the e-commerce industry, we offer a wide range of services and a talented pool of professionals who work from our office in Pakistan, under the guidance of experienced technical managers. Our goal is to unlock the power of outsourcing, enabling businesses to achieve their growth objectives while saving time, money, and resources.

How Linkers Inn Works

Running a business keeps you busy, and finding extra help shouldn't take up even more of your precious time. At Linkers Inn, we've simplified the process of finding and hiring talented freelancers and virtual assistants to support your business growth. Here's how it works.


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Step 1: Tell us about your needs

Click the "Get Started" button to create your free account. Provide some basic information about your business and the specific services you require. We'll gather essential details to understand your needs thoroughly.

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Step 2: Access our talent pool

Our team of highly skilled professionals will carefully review your requirements and identify the best-suited candidates from our talent pool. Each candidate undergoes a multi-level screening process, ensuring their skills, communication, and performance meet our high standards.

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Step 3: Seamless integration and support

Once we've identified the perfect match for your business, we'll facilitate the onboarding process and ensure a seamless integration into your workflow. Our team will provide continuous support, and our resources will work from our office, allowing you to communicate and collaborate effortlessly.

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We have an experienced team of production and inspection personnel to ensure quality.